Come out come out wherever you are

After a trickle of really wonderful breastfeeding stories, the well seems to have run dry for now… I know there are lots more stories out there and people keen to share, but while we’re trying to entice them to the site i’ll keep sharing news and other interesting bits of info as well as a few personal stories of breastfeeding. So here goes with the first anecdote…

One of my low points of breastfeeding was about 5 months in. My daughter had gotten so big she needed a lot of milk and feeds were becoming exhausting. And yet, despite transferring what felt like all my energy to her and being starving all of the time,  I hadn’t lost more than a couple of lbs of weight. Although I hadn’t worried too much about my size I felt like a milk machine and that i’d never get back to just being me. I started introducing a formula feed a couple of months after this and it made a massive difference in helping me reclaim some energy and get back to more regular eating habits (I.e not cracking open the fridge at midnight). I’m a big advocate of breastfeeding but formula has also saved me at times- i’m glad I turned to it when I did as it definitely helped me to stay sane and probably helped me to keep breastfeeding a few months longer.


It’s story time…

Parents: Did you or your partner choose to breastfeed? Did you decide not to? Or did something get in the way of that choice? What do you wish you had known before you started out?  What advice or attitudes made you want to roll your eyes the hardest?  What would you change if you did it again?

This site has been set up for parents to share their stories of breastfeeding, not-breastfeeding and everything in between. All stories are welcome. Advice, opinions and ideas are welcome too. Just keep it (relatively) clean.

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