Family attitudes to breastfeeding

Most of the women in my family and my partner’s family didn’t breastfeed for very long, including my mum – just for the first couple of weeks or a couple of months at most before switching to formula. Everyone seemed a bit freaked out that I breastfed for so long, even though it was only 6 months. I almost felt pressure from some people not to breastfeed. I don’t know if it was them feeling insecure about what they chose to do or if they just didn’t really see the point in it. it was hard in a way as i didn’t have many people to turn to for advice at the start and they all made it sound like this terrible struggle for them, when for me it was fine after the first couple of weeks. They never minded me breastfeeding around them though which helped, so i’m grateful for that. I think I just got branded a bit of a hippy!

Anon – 28

People looked down on me for stopping breastfeeding

I live in a wealthy area and all the mums in my NCT group breast feed their babies. I just stopped breastfeeding my daughter at nine months old ( i started introducing formula from 7 months) and the women in my NCT group were visibly shocked by my decision.  I hated how they made me feel as I was proud I managed to keep breast feeding for more than 6 months and I hated breastfeeding for the last couple of months too. I would never judge someone for breastfeeding for less time than me, we all struggle with it in different ways. I think people being snobby about breast feeding over bottle feeding doesn’t help more people take it up!

Anon – 35