I couldn’t breastfeed because of tongue tie

I couldn’t breastfeed my son in the end because he was born with a tongue tie and just couldn’t latch. Even though they diagnosed it within a few days of him being born I had to wait for 2 weeks to get his tongue tie snipped and by that point I had given up trying to breastfeed and had gone on to the bottle. I felt horrible that I couldn’t breastfeed and was upset for months after. I still think about it a lot now. I don’t understand why they can’t just check for tongue tie at birth or in the first week when the midwife comes round to your house? and it seems like they will do the operation at some hospitals but not at others.  I know it’s possible to pay someone to do it privately but not everyone can afford that.

Ange – 29

Expressing milk helped me to breastfeed

I really struggled with breastfeeding for the first month – my son wouldn’t latch on properly and my nipples became really sore from the bad latch. The NCT breastfeeding class I went to said i shouldn’t introduce a bottle until my baby was at least 6 weeks old, but i found the only way i could continue breastfeeding was to express milk using a breast pump and bottle feed every other feed. It gave my breasts a chance to heal and after about 3 weeks i was able to breastfeed full time. I went to some breastfeeding drop ins in my local area too and every person i saw told me to do something differently, which made the whole thing a bit confusing. They did help me get into a good feeding position though and i’m glad that resource was available. I would just warn anyone to be careful to get advice from just one person about breastfeeding. Everyone has different tips and techniques and you need to find your own mix of things to get going with breast feeding.

C – 34