Come out come out wherever you are

After a trickle of really wonderful breastfeeding stories, the well seems to have run dry for now… I know there are lots more stories out there and people keen to share, but while we’re trying to entice them to the site i’ll keep sharing news and other interesting bits of info as well as a few personal stories of breastfeeding. So here goes with the first anecdote…

One of my low points of breastfeeding was about 5 months in. My daughter had gotten so big she needed a lot of milk and feeds were becoming exhausting. And yet, despite transferring what felt like all my energy to her and being starving all of the time,  I hadn’t lost more than a couple of lbs of weight. Although I hadn’t worried too much about my size I felt like a milk machine and that i’d never get back to just being me. I started introducing a formula feed a couple of months after this and it made a massive difference in helping me reclaim some energy and get back to more regular eating habits (I.e not cracking open the fridge at midnight). I’m a big advocate of breastfeeding but formula has also saved me at times- i’m glad I turned to it when I did as it definitely helped me to stay sane and probably helped me to keep breastfeeding a few months longer.


Second Time Breastfeeding for Longer

I breastfed my first child for about 3 months, and even though I was convinced it was the best thing fr, I didn’t particularly enjoyed it. I started combination feeding her from her 2 month birthday and was quite relieved when I finally stopped giving her the breast, at 3 months. When I became pregnant with my second child, I assumed I would give breastfeeding a go again but that I was unlikely to enjoy it more than the first time. I gave myself permission from the get-go to stop at 6 weeks if I didn’t enjoy it. Long story short, my second daughter is now 5 months and I am still breastfeeding her, with no intention to stop. The experience has been completely different, partly because she took to breastfeeding more easily and breastfed efficiently from the start, and partly because I enjoy those little breaks of peace that are just her and me. With a toddler running around and a full-time job, it is easy sometimes to forget about the sweet baby who is just being so quiet. Breastfeeding her means that she gets some one on one Mummy time everyday. I am even expressing at work ! Something I told everyone I would never do… What I learnt from this : every child and every breastfeeding journey is different. If you feel like giving it a go, even if it didn’t work for you before, do it ! You might get a good surprise 🙂

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